Maintenance Program | Lochridge Priest Residential

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Heating and cooling units are one of the most expensive purchases a homeowner will ever make. Imagine your unit is much like a vehicle. Would you expect a long life for your car if you went years without changing the oil ? Allow your unit to go the distance by opting for a preventative maintenance plan to ensure peak system performance. Annual check-ups by our experienced technicians will not only help save money on utility bills through efficiency and extend equipment life but decrease the need for costly repairs as the tech can identify issues quickly and at the source.

How Does It Work?
Twice a year, an inspection will be scheduled at your convenience with one of our knowledgeable technicians. During these inspections, the tech will perform critical checks as outlined. If any problems or areas of concern are discovered, the technician will notify the homeowner so an informed decision can be made and a solution reached.


  • Priority Status — preferential scheduling for any service call, elective or emergency
  • Discounts
    • Receive a discounted labor rate
    • 10% off parts (up to $100)
    • Receive special pricing considerations on all large project work such as replacement of equipment