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Home Service Evaluation

The Home Service Heros can keep your home running at peak performance.

Your home is a system – its functionality depends on all of the pieces working together. A Home Service Evaluation checks all the important pieces of your home to keep it running at peak performance in comfort, health and efficiency.

Our Home Performance Evaluation is designed to test all components of your home comfort system to ensure peak performance in comfort, health and efficiency.

Key Steps of Your Home Performance Evaluation:

Step 1

Infrared Imaging
Our Home Service Heros use infrared technology to look for any hot/cold spots so you will know where energy is escaping your home. We’ll provide photos in our final report so you can see where your home may be losing energy.

Step 2

AirAdvice Evaluation
We’ll use an air monitoring device to evaluate overall air quality in your home for particulates, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity. We’ll provide you with a detailed report on our findings.

Step 3

Duct Inspection
We’ll use duct cameras to check the interior of your duct system for dirt, damage or leakages. We’ll give you the photos so you can see the results for yourself.

Step 4

Air Leakage
Our Blower Door Test detects air leakage through the openings of your home. This test can help you significantly decrease your utility costs by identifying areas where your home isn’t sealing properly.

Step 5

Duct Differential Pressure Test
This test helps us identify issues with your ductwork that can’t be found by camera – after this test we can make recommendations to improve efficiency and air quality.


    Preferred Contact Method


    After your Home Performance Evaluation, our staff will provide a summary report and list of potential solutions ranging from immediate issues to issues that can be handled at a future date. We list our improvements in three categories:

    Immediate Repair – Issues that need to be addressed immediately.

    System Restoration – Recommendations for getting your home system as close to “factory fresh” as possible.

    System Replacement – Recommendations for replacing equipment as needed.


    How long will the evaluation take?

    We typically need around 2.5 hours for a Home Performance Evaluation – this includes time to make sure we’ve designed for proper solutions for you and your home.

    What can I do to prepare for my appointment?

    These tests require complete access to the home. Pets will need to be contained, preferably out of the house when possible. Upon completion, we’ll provide you with test reports, pictures, videos and our recommended improvements.

    Do I need to use every part of the evaluation?

    Of course not! But, we believe it’s the best way to guarantee that your home is comfortable, healthy and efficient while protecting its value. We appreciate being invited to your home – if there is anyone you’d like to have with you to discuss and review our findings, please feel free to invite friends, family or neighbors.

    Think you’ve foiled us?

    Our services go far beyond what you see listed here. Send us a message and let us know what you need!



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