Welcome to Lochridge Priest Home Service's Online Referral Program

EARN 5% in Visa eGift-Card Rewards (up to $350) for EVERY NEW LP HOME SERVICES CUSTOMER REFERRAL!

Here’s how the LP Home Services Referral System Works:

  1. SIGN-UP/REGISTER: Use the Form Below to create an account to join the Send A Sale (third-party) referral tracking portal.
  2. LP HOME SERVICES IS NOTIFIED: Once you are ready to refer a new customer to LP Home Services, login to Send A Sale and LP Home Services will be notified about your referral and contact the customer directly for scheduling service
  3. EARNINGS NOTIFICATION: When we have confirmed your new, first time customer which you referred has made their first transaction, you’ll be notified by email how much you earned. And LP Home Services will add you to the list of Referral Rewards for the next distribution (usually 1x per week).
  4. ONLINE TRACKING: You can track all your referrals on your Send A Sale account and see which ones have been approved for payment. IF there’s ever any question about a customer you referred, or receipt of your Visa eGift card, simply call customer service and ask to speak to accounting.

NOTE: Anytime there is a change of status on your referral(s), you will be notified by email.


  1. $500 Repair x 5% = $25 Visa eGift Card
  2. $2,500 Repair x 5% = $125 Visa eGift Card
  3. $5,000 Repair x 5% = $250 Visa eGift Card
  4. $15,000 Repair x 5% = $350 (MAXIMUM Reward) for Visa eGift Card
  5. NOTE: Visa eGift Cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted (on or offline).

Disclaimer: Referrals are only paid on any work completed for new, first time customers only. This does not include service fees (aka trip charges) or membership agreements like BAM, CLUB or AMP Plans.

Minimum Invoice to Receive a Gift Card: is $300, yielding a $15.00 Visa eGift Card.

Referrals must be submitted prior to or within 5 business days of the new customers first scheduled appointment.

All referrals are subject to review by Abacus accounting department.

Please register as a referrer below. Once registered, you will be able to add friends who may need service to their home or office. Add as many friends as you like!