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The right insulation is key to keeping your home comfortable and efficient.

If your home isn’t properly insulated, you could be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in lost energy. Let LPI Home Services save the day.

Insulation Services

Your home’s insulation exists to keep indoor temperatures in and outdoor temperatures out. When the insulation in your home isn’t working properly, it drains energy and money from your home. Our Heroes partner with the most trusted brands in insulation to help maximize your family’s comfort.

Insulation Services We Offer:

Infrared Identification Scan
By identifying hot or cold spots in your home, we can help discover places where your insulation is failing or inadequate for your home.

Install Own Insulation
That’s right, Lochridge-Priest installs insulation! If your insulation needs to be replaced, we can provide services to update or replace your home insulation.

Air Sealing
If your home is leaking air, we have diagnostic tests that can determine those weak points and help to seal your home against energy loss. Correcting these air leaks can also improve your indoor air quality against particulates like pollen and dust, which helps fight against allergies and asthma.


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